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September 06, 2008



what is this song? its great


What did you use to create the effect?
Wat software and filter?


here is a link to info on using a lens or faking tilt shift.


Reid Gershbein

Thanks! I wrote the song in Reason in about 15 minutes. :)

I used Final Cut Pro to do the effects. Essentially, just took the video and made three layers of the same video on top of each other.

1) Top layer put four or eight point garbage matte on it on the
area you want in focus, use feathering to smooth edges.
2) Middle layer put another garbage matte and have the area
slightly larger than the top layer, and put a small
gaussian blur of about 5-10 pixels
3) Bottom layer just put a gaussian blur on it 15-20 pixels.

Put some brightness and saturation filters on the video and crank up the saturation.

Added a widescreen matte to change the aspect ratio look.

Added some Time or Video strobe effects to remove frames and make it look more stop motiony in some of them.

Also used the Color Correction filter and increased highlights and mids to increase contrast (better than using the contrast increase).


VitaminCM, Thanks for the lensbaby link!


I am a real novice on Final Cut Pro (I have it through default at work) and I would like to ask how you move the points on the garbage matt to get the area you require to be in focus? ie how do you place the selection area where you want it? I played around with the number values in the effects panel but it was totally random and I didn't know where the points where going to end up...but the effect you described did work (so, some kind of success!)
So would you mind telling me how I get real time control of the matt 'points'
Great work by the way, I love the tram one!

Christopher Monnier

Can you make the song publicly available somehow (download, put it on iTunes, something)? I love it!


seriously, this is a great song. please make it available! :D


Ditto to aandnota. I love the technique a lot but I also LOVED that song. It's great. I'd love to get it if possible. Any chance you'd be willing to share it?

Reid Gershbein

I'll put the song online for free for streaming and downloading later today. I'll probably put it on MySpace or something and let everyone know where it is.


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