It's wonderful that you did this and I admire the enthusiasm with which you tackled the project. But consider the first few minutes of any film as absolutely sacred. The sin is boredrom. It is your responsibility as a storyteller to create intrigue within seconds, not minutes. You lost me early because there wasn't enough story.

Reid Gershbein

Thanks for the feedback!

Film is a piece of art and this is my personal expression and the way I wanted to tell a story. It is awesome that you felt strongly enough to take the time and comment on it.


Good luck with all your efforts. Persistence cannot be underestimated in this business. I'd suggest picking up "The Writer's Journey" by Vogler. Even though you may bristle at the idea of structure, the book can help formulate concepts before creative execution.

Reid Gershbein

Thanks for the comment! I've read read a ton of books on creation, story, process, etc. A good basis for initially learning the basics of creation and writing, but you then internalize them and then go off in your own creative directions.

Those books are equivalent to learning scales and chords when learning an instrument, they help you learn the basics but you branch off on your own when you create your own music, improvise, and create.


The story was very whimsical for a movie of that length, but it was fine as a vehicle for that beautiful new technique.

Reid Gershbein

Awesome! Thanks for watching it!


"live" commenting while watching the movie:

12:38 into movie - what? that first secret was a major thing - the characters were acting like it was nothing big? Hmmm - intriguing.

more soon...


at 31:16
the dude with the beard just needs to shave the get the women :)

Kevin R Wright

I'm glad I watched this Reid!

First, I would like to congratulate you. I have to believe that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to write and direct a feature. You were able to create your own style, and that style added to the story itself. It didn't feel gimmicky, the blurring and rich colors added to the fantasy aspect of Sera's world.

Second, you have inspired me to start shooting the feature script I wrote this year. I have made short after short, but have avoided features because, frankly, they're scary and intimidating. You did it, and last time I read, have had over 12,000 people see your work!

I can't wait to see more from you. Best of luck!


Saw the whole thing, glad that after the 45 min mark or so the characters started reacting to the first secret in a realistic manner (more or less). Definitely an alterna/cult/whatever movie. Nice colors, had some interesting moments. Thought it was slightly more interesting than most no-budget/no-star/non-genre DV/HD indie movies I've seen. Good luck with the next project & rest of distribution work on HME.

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